Friday, October 31, 2008


Happy Halloween Everyone!

Hope you have a spooky, fun, candy filled night! Here are some fun autumnal items I found on
Etsy. Enjoy!

Orange Apple Pencil Case from MadebyMolly for $18.00

Leather Check Book Cover from GetfeltUp for $10.00!

Spooky but beautiful photograph called "Invitation" by ara133photography for $15.00

Vintage Squash earrings by Adronyou for $17.00

For more spooky Halloween crafts, check out this site!

Alicia B.

A Rude Awakening

So, for weeks now I have had my Halloween outfit all planned out. It was perfect in my mind because I wouldn't have to spend a whole lot of money (any money at all really) for the outfit because I already had all the items. I wanted to be Martha Stewart. Yeah. But like any 20 something year old girl...I wanted to make the outfit slightly promiscuous.

Polo shirt? Check!
Similar can be found at J Crew. In the Summer. Apron from Anthropologie. SO YUM!

So I started trying on outfits for my roommate last night. I had a button down oxford cloth shirt and a khaki mini skirt and an apron (see above). It didn't work. I tried a different skirt and a tighter shirt and something just wasn't working. Finally my roommate yelled at me in the midst of collars, buttons and khaki, "Alicia, the promiscuous version of Martha...IS YOU!" Wow. This had not dawned on me yet but I realized that she was absolutely right. No wonder I didn't have to buy anything new to make this outfit--I dress like this on a regular basis. Ouch/secret smug pride.

So I've come to terms with this and moved on, costume-wise. I'm just going to be a cowgirl-- because I've got the boots already.

Alicia B.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Music to Match the Decor? HUH.

Okay, make me a soundtrack!

In my usual reading of my favorite section of the New York Times, Home and Garden, there is a new trend of matching music with your interior design called Audio Architecture. Here is the article. You can hire someone to to take a look at your space, style, interests etc and they will create play lists for you that will play throughout your house. Houses are now coming with ipod docks built into them so you can control the music in all part of your house. I definitely love to put on music while I clean, but is this a little bit much? Undecided. Some music interior designers charge up to $250 for an hour of music and you can purchase as many hours as you would like. They will design it for different times of day as well! One of the companies is in New York, called Audiostiles. You can have this done at home and in the office! Will it help with productivity?

A client says, "I love that I don’t have to think about what to put on. It’s already done for me." Doesn't this sort of take all the fun out of making a mix? Are we now paying people to make what I grew up calling a MIX TAPE?? I wonder what sort of music someone would choose for me? People walk to work with ipods, there is music at work, and now at home. Is our life being made into one big soundtrack? Something to think about I suppose. Wow, that got deep at the end.

Alicia B.

My Typical Awesome New England Autumn Weekend

This past weekend as you know, I went up to my parents' house in good old New England! I was able to enjoy that last bit of great fall foliage and pressure my parents into buying me gourds from a real live farm! Take that, Gracie's Market! (just kidding, I love you Gracie's Market.)

My feeling is, the bumpier, the better. It gives it more of a personality. I put this little cluster on the book shelf in the corner of my room.

How cute are these guys? Mini corns (cluster of three) and a gourd that looks like a pumpkin are sitting on the bookshelf in our living room.

These are taken at the farm. Don't they look like two swans?

They are in fact, swan neck gourds, I believe. These are new to me this year but I think they're so pretty and every one of them bends differently. Gourd couture.

This is the front of the farm with an incredible red tractor from the 1940's original to the farm.

This is a close up of a tree that was turning. I love how many colors there were just in this small array of leaves.

The weekend ended in an amazing sail with my father. Isn't it gorgeous how the tree is reflected in the lake?

Do you like those last two pictures that I took? Well you can buy them on etsy. If you want them in a different size, please contact me. Thanks!

Alicia B.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Paul Philp

Vase No. 1

About two years ago, I attended a small art show at one of my favorite to the trade antiques stores on Manhattan, Dillingham & Co. The artist who was featured was a ceramicist, Paul Philp. I was immediately impressed with his work, which is ceramic vessels and sculptures. Paul Philp is a Welsh artist born in 1941. In doing a search on him he is also selling via his gallery, Hedge, on 1st Dibs! If you're lucky enough to live in California, Hedge is in San Francisco and you should definitely take a look at his work in person, as an image could never do as well as the real thing.

Chalice No. 41
Sculpture No. 42
Vessel No. 22
Sculpture No. 2

What do you think? I really love the neutral colors of the pieces at first glance but if you look closer they are so dynamic and have little bits of other colors in them. I also love how the shapes are so smooth and beautiful, but the surface has more of a rough texture. Interesting juxtaposition, YAH??

Alicia B.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

*some clever pun about being in the closet*

Aaah, the closet. My feeling with closets is that they can either be something you don't want to open as it is a spectacular mess OR it can be something glorious and beautiful every time you open it. I did some research, as usual, and while I reorganized my closets a few months ago, it left me wanting to clean again! YAY!

Of course it starts with Martha Stewart. Color coded and organized to perfection. MMM.

This is Ms. Mariah Carey's closet--just for her shoes! I love how bright it is though and the picture lights on the top of the cases make them look more valuable like a display.

Eva Longoria's closet. I like the folding screen--can be used for hanging clothing and privacy.

Designed by Marshall Watson, this walk in closet is long but he makes good use of the space with a comfy bench with pillows and stars at the end to lead your eye forward.

If you recognize this closet I'll give you a prize. (prize=the knowledge that you won.)

In the latest Domino, Jenna Lyons's dressing room is shown. I love that there is a fireplace and little settee in it. How glam.

James Radin designed this gorgeous and relaxing dressing room slash bath.

From Domino, if you don't have much room, you can hang full length curtains to hide closet spaces like this here. Hanging it full length makes it appear taller.

From Domino. This is a clever bookcase/closet/media area in one is hidden by slatted doors. I'm slightly nervous though about that one shelf which is bending under the weight of the books. I appreciate that they're trying to hide the TV and electronics. Classy touch.

This adorable dressing room designed by Ellie Cullman has a window seat! LOVE IT.

This preppy dressing room from Domino really goes all out. Zebra rug, vanity, two cute lamps, fun wallpaper, and colorful storage! COLORFUL STORAGE!

If you're lucky you can have a whole dressing room with a vanity, an island in the middle, mirrors, artwork, etc.

I would really love to have a nice big dressing room. It's like a fun little room devoted to just clothing and doesn't necessarily have to be a public space! You can really do some fun funky and personal designs in it.

Alicia B.

Monday, October 27, 2008


Brocade Home is back!! I lost track of them and their website was down but now they're back. I love their mix of modern, whimsical, eastern, and uber feminine furniture, bedding and accessories. Here are somethings that I'm loving on:

Ruffle Edge Mirror $499

Medallion Print Duvet on SALE right now!

You know how much I love green glass vases right now. These are on sale for $ 29.00.

Lace Cut Storage Unit only $599.00

Time to go shopping to stimulate the economy!

Alicia B.

Kitchens Galore.

Designing a kitchen can sometimes be the most challenging room to design. They are so personal to the individual that every one is different. I think we might have moved on from the avocado appliances (although I've been seeing a lot of soft greens) by now but what are the trends in kitchens? In my research I found a LOT of things--and like I said, I think that kitchens are SUPER personal and individual. See below some of my favorite picks.....

From Living etc, this kitchen has an industrial feel with metal cabinets and a sleek shiny subway tiled wall. Not really my favorite.

In this tiny Stephanie Stokes kitchen, customization of cabinets are very important. No space is wasted. She customized the floor too, which is beautiful. Also, she used green marble for the counter tops here.

Here is the ever popular farmhouse style kitchen with white marble, white wainscoting, and industrial holophane pendant designed by R. Roman Hudson. Personally I love this look--the pitchers on the open shelves are just adorable.

If you don't have a farmhouse style house, this house in the south shows you can still have a calming, simple kitchen (by Ken Pursley). Wood paneling can sometimes be intimidating, but this looks so soft and has a gorgeous contrast with the white marble countertops and backsplash of the stove.

I grew up in a house in which everything was behind a cabinet door, so the trend of open shelves was a new one to me. I have taken a liking to it though and it's nice to display your nice dishes etc. Ken Pursley again.

From House Beautiful, this designer used Jurassic Green Granite. Go green?

This reminds me of what a french farmhouse kitchen might look like. Hillary Hayne uses this wire in place of glass in the rustic cabinets. LOVE THIS.

A fun color like this blue and a fun chandelier is nice for a small kitchen to take the focus off the fact that it's such a small space. From Domino.

I really love this idea of adding this custom copper grill inside the frame of the cabinets. There is a physical barrier but not a visual one. WOW. By Sandra Bird.

Custom storage spaces created by kitchen genius Christopher Peacock.

Christopher Peacock is pretty much the authority on kitchens. This one is crisp and bright and clearly made for someone who likes to cook. How many stoves are there--four??

In my adoration for farmhouse kitchens, I love the farmhouse style sink which is deep and clean white! From House Beautiful.

Again, I am really leaning towards a french farmhouse sort of look if I had my choice. It looks easy to work in, and if you make a mess it is easy to clean up. What is your favorite new kitchen trend OR lasting style!?

Alicia B.