Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Marbleized Paper Obsession

I've been obsessed for a while now with marbleized paper--it reminds me of Italy. I'm so happy to see that it's been making its way into the design market in home accessories and fabrics.

When I think of awesome products or rocks/marble, I think of Kelly Wearstler. Her blog is so much fun and I love to see her creative process. Her line at Sferra is just as awesome as anything else she does.

I love a dramatic headboard and this one blows me away. I guess it's more of a mural but I literally can't look away from this marbleized lilypad fabric. From HERE.

For your next tablescape masterpiece, use these AHHH-mazing napkins from Dransfield and Ross. I saw them when I was registering for my wedding but I chose the geometric greek Key ones. Also amazing.

Jenny over at Little Green Notebook took a gorgeous piece of marbleized paper and framed it. It's now an amazing and unique focal point in her living room! It adds a softness against all the other fabrics which are geometrics and ikat.

My fave fashion blogger Dilly Dallas got these amazing boxes from West Elm to accessorize her desk. I wish I could find them!

Love this pink marble fabric on the chairs here in what looks like a dressing room. Gorgeous dressing room from HERE.

I'm going to the source, ie Italy at the end of this month for my honeymoon and plan on stocking up on the real thing. I wish I could find some marble fabric--I know I've seen it somewhere. When I do, I see a pair of throw pillows in my future! Yes, I got married this past weekend and it was AMAZING--will show you pictures of the best day of my life later.

Alicia B


ashie said...

Best day so far <3

Alicia B. Designs said...

True that Ashie, it was the best day and everyday will get better and better!


Decor Arts Now said...

Ok nice posts but I want to hear about the wedding!! :-)
Xo and Congrats!