Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tree Topper Inspiration

Hi! I'm back! My husband and I went to Ireland and then things got busy. Anyway, we bought our first Christmas Tree together and though it's small, it's beautiful. I realized that we don't have a tree topper! I know, scandal. I grew up with a Santa and Rudoph on top of our tree and didn't realize how tacky it was until a few years ago, but we've had it forever and I feel like it would be a crime to change it.

This is our tree and I tied a pretty red and green ribbon on the top. I've tried to find a great tree topper but all I have found is tacky and scary. Yes, I made the world's smallest blue tartan tree skirt.

Here is a non denominational tree topper: a snowflake. It doesn't really feel like Christmas though but I appreciate the nod to winter. Canadian House and Home.

A nest! This tree is all about birds and nature with the nest as the topper and cardinal and pine cone ornaments. From Country Living.

Gold and blue color themed trees are pretty in concept but look a bit contrived in real life. I like the gold star on the top though--simple. Also from CL.

Oh look, another blue and gold tree. This one from Martha is covered entirely in glass ball ornaments (I had to retype that 3 times) and is topped with another gold star. I love the star on the top--thanks Martha!

This one is more my style. Just tie a bow of this fun upholstery ribbon on the top of the tree for a rustic and original DIY look. From Better Homes & Gardens.

Last but not least is the magnificent tree with a peacock on top. I just said PEACOCK. This tree is OTT--over. The. Top. Bananas. I love the idea of this but I don't know how one would find a mini faux peacock to put on a tree. HERE.

So, my husband wants to buy us a nice tree topper but I love the tartan red and green bow. I would love a star or an angel though so we shall see. What do you use on your tree?

Alicia B.


Robin said...

ooh I love the bird tree and the peacock is awesome! What about this capiz moravian-type star from tar-jay? Goes with everything! http://www.target.com/p/SILVER-CAPIZ-STAR/-/A-13669901#?lnk=sc_qi_detailbutton

Alicia B. Designs said...

Robin--what a great idea! I love Moravian Stars--i forgot about Tarjay for Christmas decor despite seeing that annoying commercial ever 10 mins about using ornaments as a centerpiece.