Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Striped Wall McGee

A friend slash client of mine told me the other day that she has this small hallway in her apartment that she wanted to paint navy blue. I LOVED the idea but suggested that she really do something fun and paint vertical stripes. She loves nautical style and I THINK she took to the idea. In any case it would be a really fun project. Let's check out the competition.

This is obviously wallpaper but i LOVE the effect. Also the bedframe is stunning.

I like the wide stripe. It's simple and graphic against the saw horse style desk situation.

I would never do this in a master bedroom, but in a guest bedroom it would be fun and special. Also a great idea with that type of ceiling--it increases the ceiling height.

This is perfection for a small space. The alternating stripe expands the small space. From AT.

I LOVE how the stripe extends to the ceiling. The light stripe is fun and accentuated the height of the ceiling. From Lamps Plus.

I will totes let you know how it goes with my friend. I know the project will be labor intensive but it could be really fun. It's a small space and the perfect moment for a crazy decorating adventure. BTW all these pics are from pinterest (thank youuuu) except for the last one.

Alicia B.

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allie said...

this post gave me a lot of ideas about spicing up my apartment when I get one. kinda reminds me of beetlejuice ;D