Friday, March 9, 2012

Green = Warm Weather Approaching

I think maybe once a year I do a post on how the color green makes me feel--especially when the weather starts to warm up. As you may know, green is all the rage right now (see the latest House Beautiful). The weather is certainly an inspiration, but green is everywhere: fashion, design...well I guess that's it.

This is from Madewell's spring Look Book. I love the casual look of the belted dress with low suede boots and a scarf.

This would be for the prep in me (which is most of me). Bright colors just mean warm weather! From Kate Spade. Speaking of Kate Spade, how obsessed are you with the Florence Broadhurst theme they are doing? Read more about her HERE.

The treatment of the walls in this bathroom is so beautiful and washed out. I'm especially loving the fact that Carrier and Co put the sink in front of a window but then to solve the vanity problem hung a mirror in front. The light that comes in is beautiful.

Speaking of light, Meg Braff designed this sweet light green sitting room with a monochromatic palette on the walls and upholstery.

Here is another green wall in grass cloth wallpaper. Look at all the plaid and checks in this image--amazing. By Wells and Fox.

John Loecke and Jason Oliver Nixon are always showing us the most fun bright designs out there. On their new site Madcap Cottage I found this burst of green--what a difference that slipper chair makes in this picture.

From working HERE for a little over a year right after college, I love bobbin chairs. This one upholstered in a green and white fabric is very charming against the aqua green backdrop. Taylor Interior Design.

I really just want a house in Connecticut in the country (with a pool and tennis court) with a breezy open feeling and pretty Sister Parish green fabrics floating around. Is that too much to ask? Actually I just selected a bright green lampshade for a project we're doing and its going to be super springy and happy. How about you all--are you feeling green?

Happy Friday!

Alicia B.

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Decor Arts Now said...

What a doll you are for the link! I just found it! (struggling with my new analytics)

I feel like green is the theme in my whole house. Cute post. hope you are well! 😊
Xo Lynn