Sunday, October 21, 2012

Another Bedroomy Post

At my fabulous new job, we do so many amazing new projects and one of them is upholstering walls!  Not the typical wall to wall floral upholstered fabric wall but a super chic upholstered accent wall.  We have designed two upholstered walls so far and they are so much fun!  

Large squares of grey suede make up this upholstered wall with over scaled sconces.  This looks cozy but I would have chosen a paler grey.

There is lots of layering going on here with a framed out upholstered section--really brings your eye up to the high ceilings.  

This headboard is SUPER fun but also very busy and the wall behind it is simple without being boring.

Not a huge fan of purple, this room is still pretty--and I love the art.  Wide sections  on the upholstered wall really expand the space, right? By Noel Jeffrey. 

Upholstered Walls aren't limited to just bedrooms.  This pale olive one is in a dining room is spectacular in this  side banquette.  

Here is a little seating nook--the upholstery makes the space its only little room. 

This nailhead treatment in the leather is phenomenal in this little framed out seating nook.  LOVE. 

I've always loved funky headboards, or super tall ones, and I love the idea of using an upholstery treatment in place of a headboard, or a sofa back.  You have the chance to go super funky, or pop some color into a room.  I don't think I'll have the chance to do this in my own home anytime soon, but designing them for others is just as fun.  

Alicia B. 

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