Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Nine By Design: Episode 4

It seems like all signs are pointing to the beach. In this episode of Nine By Design, The Novogratz's head to the Hamptons for a new project. They also have to deal with the daunting task of hiring a nanny. I honestly can't believe they don't have one already but, more power to them if you know what I mean. Also, how can you not love this family? They put chocolate on their waffles!!

I love this episode because we get to meet Courtney's design assistant, Helen who I went to prep school with and she looks gorgeous! She is helping them with the Hampton's house for the VIP anonymous client. OOOO Intrigue!!

Courtney has so many great ideas for this slightly dated house. She wants to open up the floor plan, change all the sliding doors to french doors and make a floating staircase. The budget is only $300, 000 and they have 7 weeks so complete it.



While they were busy designing, the crew pretty much gutted the whole home. For the lighting on either side of the front door, they are doing a custom light box fixture with the map of LI. I love how they think outside the box for everything. It's so much fun. Hit up this video of the gutting.

Robert and George start to work on finding a nanny for the little Novogratz's! It.....gets weird. And really really funny, see this video here. They ended up hiring this super cute lady from Hungary--I hope she survives these cute little animals's antics.

Next, Courtney and Helen head on out to the Hampton house and tried to make sense of all the furniture that the client had delivered and the pieces that they ordered. I think they sure pulled it together, yes?

There are some disasters which are fixed, and some major successes like the light boxes and some other amazing light fixtures. It looks fresh and amazing, don't you think? This oven in a line that has 190 color options. Yellow is a nice choice.

Here is the dining room. Some mismatched chairs and a dramatic horse photo makes for a nice eclectic look.

So have you all been watching?? Thoughts? Let's talk.

Alicia B.


Ravi said...

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FuriousWarehouseMonkey said...


@gogirlee said...

Wow -

You make this look so easy. Thank you for such beautiful photos time after time.

The sort of front porch square lights, I LOVE that. Right at this moment we are working on the front porch and I'm going for lush-asian.

But very frustrated over HOUSE NUMBERS.

Looking for really creative takes, including having some type of lighting on it at night.

Want to do something that looks rich but relaxed. Any materials. LED lights preferred, there was no doorbell.

Seeking inspiration & might hire an artisan.

Thank you very much.

Carpe Diem said...

Not only am I watching...I DVR-it and I play it over and over again. The only downside is... I have a growing desire to redo my entire house..and right now that can't happen... I'm having visions of stark white walls with eye catching pops of bright colors and interesting art pieces throughout...

bluehydrangea said...

Love this show but they exhaust me!! Can't wait to see what they come up with next. I do have to say it makes me feel like a slacker with only my 3 kids and no renovations going on...

abby said...

i'm completely obsessed with this show! i love their taste.