Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Nine By Design: Episode 5

Courtney in a cute t shirt with all her kids' names on it!

Here we are the 5th episode of Nine By Design already! I love this show more and more every time. This episode shows off how much this family cares about other people. Not in a showy way, but in a way that helps people. Their family friend Jasmina is a precious 6 year old with Leukemia so they decide to throw a benefit to help her mother and her.

The design project for this episode is for their friend Dave Barry's office in Hoboken which DESPERATELY needs their help. Their main inspiration is to find some funky chipped or antique pieces to say that not everything is perfect. LOVE this idea.

There is a budget issue with Dave Barry's office project--he was NOT happy. DRAMA. He won't pay Courtney and Bob for their time but Courtney learns a valuable lesson about putting things in writing. I love the practical aspects that come up on this show, it's a helpful reminder that even already successful designers need to keep track of their spending/charges.

Bob is putting together his own benefit for Wolfie's basketball team, The City to raise money for the expenses of the team. Wolfie is REALLY good at basketball, btw. Here they are spray painting an old trophy to be used as decoration for the event. Creative and budget friendly.

The benefits were huge successes, which comes as no surprise. They are so enthusiastic and giving. They put in a ton of work into their benefits and their projects and they're incredibly creative.This is a huge wall mural they worked on for the basket ball event, too.

In the end, Dave Berry's office comes together really well. They use black and white photographs blown up to make the wallpaper for the office, a gorgeous yellow and white vintage carpet and a great mirrored coffee table, also vintage.

I love this show. It turns out that they find a bone marrow match for Jasmina which was very exciting but they dedicated the show to her as she passed away in January. It was incredibly sad, to say the least. Find out more HERE on how you can help others just like Jasmina. Next week though, they hit up London for their book signing!! I can't wait to see what they do next! Have I convinced you guys of this awesome show yet? Check out more details on Bravotv.com.

Alicia B.

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