Friday, January 28, 2011

Have we had enough snow?

Photo courtesy of my Dad.

This is quite similar to my commute down to Tribeca yesterday. We've had a lot of snow this season in NYC (understatement). Here are some fun accessories to help you get through this hard time in our lives called Winter.

DVF has the greatest winter accessories. This is the modern cool girl version of the dorky 90's turtle fur neck-warmer; a snood. The Alyssa Snood.

I'm almost always cold so these cute cable knit arm warmers would be great! Roxy Arm warmers from DVF.

After ruining a few pair of Uggs, I got these amazing boots made by Sorel. They're like snow boots and Uggs, and rain boots all in one. Not to brag but I've had about 5 people ask me where I got these! You can get them at Zappos for $150.

Marmot makes the cutest and warmest hats. I got one for Christmas with a big pom pom on top and LOVE it. It's kept me warm in all these crazy blizzards. This cute hat is only $32!

And back to interior design...and FUR. I will make a fur throw part of my life if it's the last thing I do. This pic from this awesome lady's blog. I think I'd just sit around and touch this fur all day long.

So are we sick of snow? It seems to just keep piling up here in NYC! At least I don't live near Syracuse anymore, which has had 10' of snow this winter. That's A LOT. I love seeing all the snowmen randomly built on the sidewalks though. Have ya'll had a lot of snow this Winter? We're due in for another mini storm here--get ready.

Alicia B.


Robin said...

Ha! My dad sent me the same photo!

I love snow but I am ready for this winter to be over.

Alicia B. Designs said...

Robin, that's hilairious! do you think that all the old men in the Hartford area are sending that picture around!?


The Big Girl said...

I love the snow pic. Oh my gosh! But really - your design style is awesome! I am a graphic designer and your simple, but sophisticated style speaks volumes to me! Keep up the good work - think I will follow your blog. Here's to hoping for a meltdown soon!

Air Purifier said...

A fur throw would be nice...the thing I always worry about with getting a fur throw or blanket is how much of a pain would it be to clean? They look and feel awesome though. But in that least pic I LOVE the headboard and the rug she has, so cute!