Saturday, January 1, 2011

Milk Glass Inspiration

Wedding planning is beyond fun. It's like mini designing for every single little event. I'm knee deep in designing the rehearsal dinner. I'm envisioning french linens on the tables and milk glass vases with yellow flowers. I've been obsessed with milk glass lately--join me.

The contrast of rustic and smooth glass is so beautiful. Peeling paint is true love to me. Country Living.
These are great on a shelf too! A shelf-scape. I hope to have more bookcases in my new apartment for all of my books and put some pretty vases in it to break it up a little bit.

I love the simple color scheme here of pink and white. It's very pure and easy on the eyes--perfect for a party setting. Country Living.

A collection of like colored items like this looks great together. Even if they are not the same size and shape, the same look and color looks eclectic but cohesive.

Citrus colors and a pretty pile of oranges looks nice and summery in these milk glass pieces. Perfect for our August wedding.

Eddie Ross is a tablescape miracle worker. This gorgeous table with milk glass chargers and candle sticks convinces me further of my original design!

My next step is to collect some pieces of milk glass. I've found a bunch on etsy and some on ebay but I'm really excited to hunt around thrift shops in NYC and up in CT. I love a new project too. Does anybody have any suggestions for places? Here is my inspiration board so far...thoughts?

I said, THOUGHTS??

Alicia B.


Layers and Layers said...

I think its a perfect idea ... Love milkglass too ... the whole thing will be scrumptious!

Emily Amy Gallery said...

I love the vase in the upper left hand corner...just lovely. Milkglass has always been a favorite of mine.

Anonymous said...

you are so sweet! great post! Hope you had a wonderful holiday season! Eddie

Pink Peony said...

I inherited a ton of milk glass...good thing I like it. lol

LUCKY 7 DESIGN said...

Looks beautiful Alica....I have some milk glass compotes that I never liked. I guess you grow up and appreciate things. Eddie is the expert on finding treasures in NYC, he actually hosts shopping trips. Your heading in a beautiful direction...I love the tablecloth. I make eco friendly denim napkin holders that would go fabulous with it. I'd love to send you some.

Alicia B. Designs said...

Thanks everyone! I'm looking forward to trolling my usual antique and thrift shops for these!