Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Dining Room Design

A client of mine for whom I do small jobs in the suburbs of CT has asked me to help her choose fabric for a set of gorgeous dining chairs that she acquired. The dining room is a bisque color right and sits between the kitchen and the living room with views of both from both. They are a young couple with a baby on the way so I have many things to take into account; budget, frequency of use, and the baby (!!!!). Since they are young but have a traditional style, I'd love to bring in a colored geometric pattern. The room really has no color and of course I think it should have some to bring life to the space.

Tobi Fairley has a great eye for beautiful geometrics and I think this one is a perfect mix of subtlety and fun. Its a great fabric, but doesn't take away from the star in the room: the turquoise bead chandelier.

LOVE this blue lattice pattern; it looks like an enlarged caning pattern on a chair. From Elements of Style blog.

John Robshaw's dining room is of course full of pattern and soft colors but I love this chair pattern. It's youthful and sophisticated. From Lonny.

OBSESSED with this space. If you're into geometry (not in life, but in interiors, like I am), this room is perfection. The soft green diamond pattern fabric on the chairs is very pretty and a nice detail in this room. Home and Garden UK.

This is more on the traditional side, by Michael Smith, but still quite pretty. I love toile but wouldn't want to make their house feel too French Country. Elle Decorsies.

Can you guess who designed this room? That's right, Jamie Drake. I'd love to do a different fabric on the back of the chair like this because it's just SO much fun but my client's chairs don't have upholstered backs. NO biggie though, it'll be plenty fun.

I have some samples on their way to me in the next few days, so I'll keep you updated on the progress. Weigh in on your faves?? I'm really excited to be working with this client (all my clients are awesome) on this small project. If I can add more color or pattern to someone's life, I'm happy.

Alicia B.

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