Sunday, March 27, 2011

I need a little Springtime.

It's 31 degrees here in NYC and I've had it up to here (picture my hand held shrilly above my head) with this cold weather. I'm ready for spring, warm weather, and being outside more. Let's enjoy some spring images to counteract these pathetic cold weather shenanigans.

Savannah Style by Paula Deen is a tremendous book (given to me by my gorgeous younger sister) and has amazing images delivered by Paula and her super cute son. I'd love to have a yum meal at this cute table out on the lawn.

CANNOT WAIT for spring clothing to arrive in my closet. I love this straw bag from J. Crew.

Yellow and blue is one of my favorite color combos. It's like feeling, yet classic. Same with a sweet breakfast room like this one by Palmer Weiss.

Nothing says warm weather like a house on the water. Love the relaxed look of this living room and the exposed beams. Nate Berkus.

Who took this picture of a beautiful Park Avenue Daffodil? OH, I did.

Do you think that if we keep posting images of spring, that it will come sooner? I think so. Maybe if i start shopping for spring clothing it will warm up, too. SHOPPING.

Alicia B.


Lisa said...

Alicia I like your attitude! The weather is so weird everywhere. Where exactly HAS spring arrived and STAYED?
Thank you for the beautiful pics....I feel warmer already :)
xo Lisa

Decor Arts Now said...

Ha! I have been shopping and shopping for Spring and summer clothes! Still hasn't helped. They are looking at me tauntingly from my closet. Btw, my Target had a cute striped straw bag for peanuts. Didn't buy it but now I am heading back...... Maybe that spring purchase will do the trick! :-) xo, Lynn

Alicia B. Designs said...

Lisa, thanks! It's not any warmer down south either. UGH!

Lynn, If that's what it takes to spur some warm weather...I think you need to get the bag :)


Darcy said...

Alicia, we had seventy degree temperatures on Saturday and snow on Sunday... I feel your pain! I also love (and bought) that super cute J.Crew tote.

Air Purifier said...

I've never been a huge fan of yellow, but I just read somewhere that in the Chakra system it represents self empowerment and confidence, so now I am trying to incorporate it more into my decor and wardrobe. That picture of the flowers is beautiful.