Monday, May 30, 2011

Home Goods. In NYC.

Yeah, you heard me. I'm sure you all knew, but I found out this glorious news last week and nearly flipped my lid with happiness. So I got out early on Friday afternoon and went up with my friend from college and, well, we had some fun.

We got there, walked downstairs and were...a little unimpressed. Not for long though because things got good!

A bright poppy pink slipper chair caught my eye right away, though I hardly need anymore furniture--just a pouf. My mission was to find a pouf or a small upholstered ottoman, at least.

Extra large cloches for $29! I'm still holding out for a hand blown antique one, but these were great and tres affordable.

These little white end tables were great--don't need them but if you did, they'd be great. I loved the turned legs and there was a console version too.

I consider this trip a success because we both left with something we loved. My friend Ashleigh got this adorable sunny yellow slipper chair for $160. YES. Great price and it's good looking too. I still needed my pouf though...

Mission accomplished!! I found my pouf and sat on it before anybody else could take it. This was the moment when my friend said, "Okay, I'm going to take another picture, but this time, try to sit like a lady." So this is me sitting like a lady on my pouf. More on this later if you know what I mean.

Moving on. I love this coral lamp, and the base is adorable. If i needed it, I would have bought it, and painted this baby white.

Ghost stools!!

Great pale apple green gourd lamp. I think it was only $40 or so but a great deal and a nice drum shade with it. I wish I needed a lamp but my Martha Stewart one from college hasn't died yet!

At this point, we realized it was time to go home.

The best part was that they delivered our things THAT NIGHT and for only $14.99! Such a steal because as you know, hauling things in NYC is cumbersome and embarrassing on the subway. We all have to do it sometimes but if it can be avoided it makes life a lot easier. I know most of you who live in the suburbs have the luck to go to Home Goods anytime you please but this was definitely a treat for us. Have any New Yorkers been? Tell me more!

Alicia B.


Raina Cox said...

Love your pouf!

Methinks they saved the best stuff for you New Yorkers.

Our HomeGoods selection usually looks like something out of "The Real Housewives of New Jersey."

ashie said...

wow, that girl ashleigh seems like so much fun! is she an actress? i'm dying to know more... love the feature on her!

Emily Amy Gallery said...

Love, love, love Home Goods. It is the best when you have to design on a dime!

Robin said...

Great finds! And I agree with Raina, I think they ship all the good stuff to NYC (Exhibit A: the DSW in Union Square).

And love the delivery aspect, very cool!