Monday, May 16, 2011

Shopping at Trade Secrets

Weaving my way in and out of the different vendors at Trade Secrets was super fun. I'm not going to show you ALL the goods, but just some of my faves...the highlights. Plus there are only so many rusty garden benches you can look at.

LOVE me some vintage watering cans. From Hunter Bee.

I actually saw a lot of mushrooms. At more than a few vendors. I thought these hand carved wooden ones from Hunter Bee were the most beautiful. Each one is different and they have an amazing handmade quality.

Botanicals! In an antique window frame! Hunter Bee has amazing pieces--especially that white chair.

I'm hoping that hats are going to make a big time comeback, you know, because of the royal wedding. Tracey Tooker Hats had the most gorgeous hats I'd seen in a while.

Aaaaaaaaaand I want this one.

Next I admired round industrial mirrors casually stacked up against each other softened by traditional textiles around it and reflected in it.

Susan Oostdyk had the most beautiful and fun linens. They're also amazing in quantity. See the next image.

A stack of fabulous faded linens...tied in a ribbon. YES.

SO I had a ton of fun people watching and dreaming of my converted farm house in the country that I would fill with distressed (real, not faux) benches in the front hall, and faded beautiful linens tied in ribbon. Up next I'll show you some favorite gardens! And some that were lame/a bit of a let-down. Which one will it be??!!

Alicia B.

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