Sunday, June 19, 2011

Berber Love

A few weeks ago I picked out a Berber rug for a client and they ended up loving it! I was so excited that they chose it and I learned a lot about these rugs and love them! I know they were hot about 3 years ago but I think they're back. Traditional Berber rugs come from Morrocco and are made from natural materials.

Maureen Footer designed this executive's office with a gorgeous light brown and ivory square pattern Berber rug. I love the super traditional style mixed with the exotic (in this setting) Berber rug.

As you will see, Jonathan Adler LOVES a Berber rug. There is one at the foot of the bed, and also a berber wedding blanket on the end, which is so beautiful.

Tom Delevan used a long and narrow rug in this living room. Moroccan rugs are typically more narrow than a typical area rug. The extra long fringe is fabulous. From Trad Home Magazine.

Ron Marvin used a Berber with a large diamond pattern with some mid century modern furniture in this Trad Home spread.

A medium diamond pattern creates a lot of movement in this room and brings together a lot of small furniture pieces. I've noticed that when people use a Berber rug, they make it a two tone color scheme but I love how designers Dransfield and Ross bring in a yellow for some color.

I cannot STAND this coffee table but I think this Berber is beautiful; the ends are an amazing detail. I wish you could see the throw pillows better because they are so much fun. Designed by the insanely gorgeous women from Domicile Interior Design.

Wooo! Some color! Can you guess who designed this? Jonathan Adler. Leave it to him to bring in some color here and a pouf!

In shopping for Berbers, I found a lot of Moroccan rugs with color in them and completely fell in love. I wish I could see some in action but check these out from Kea , Jonathan Adler and Anthropologie.

So what do you all think? Like them? Hate them? I think I become disappointed when designers simply carry out the black and white or brown and white color scheme and it's much more fun and exotic when they use color too.

Alicia B.


Whitney said...

So fresh and natural. And berbers are very easy to care for, too! Great post -- pretty rugs make the world go round...

Decor Arts Now said...

Love them and I agree, especially with some pops of color.

Anonymous said...

Love all the inspiration in this post!! That executive office is amazing! Thanks for sharing.
xo E + J
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