Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Maine Event

This past weekend I was up in Maine fulfilling my bridesmaid role in the wedding of one of my dearest friends. The wedding was exquisite and my friend was breathtaking! Maine is a very beautiful state even though it didn't get above 58 degrees when we were there. Be that as it may, I decided to gather some beautiful Maine interiors for ya'll!

In Maine, chintz abounds. So does wicker. In fact, on our drive back to CT, we passed an actual wicker factory! Who knew they existed? Anyway, this is Tom Scheerer mixing brown wicker with a berber rug and a tulip coffee table and gorgeous chintz. I LOVE this room.

Martha has a house up in Maine--word on the street is that she isn't very well received up there...Anyway shes really channeling Arcadia National Forest on this tablescape with the faux bois and moss centerpieces.

Tom Scheerer is really capturing the spirit of Maine without falling too far into the "lets keep everything as it was in the 1950s" attitude. He keeps it fresh but not too overwhelming. As he says in the HB interview, "That's one of the things about Mainers. They're plain folk, and you don't want to go against that too much. Fleece is the uniform, not cashmere."

Ljbby Cameron definitly keeps it cozy here with Sister Parish's daughter, Apple's home. Yes, I said Apple. The unassuming furnishings are perfect for the Maine atmosphere but the fabrics are perfect for the daughter of Sister Parish.

From Country Living, I love the simplicity of this dining room and kitchen. The house looks perfectly weathered and all the furniture looks like they've had it for a few generations. The tablecloth is stunning but the plates on the wall are my favorite thing here.

I think I really love it because it's costal and nautical but not too "Hamptons" looking. The houses give off more of a cottage feel which is cozy. I grew up in New England and can completely understand Maine thing. The fact that it was 57 degrees up there this past weekend was surprising to me but luckily we were dancing too much to get that cold. The best part was that everyone says hi to everything and you walk in and out of people's houses without knocking. So adorable. I was glad to make the (9 hour) trip up there again for my friend.

Alicia B.


Whitney said...

Girl! Glad you had a nice time - sorry that it was cold.
What a lovely post -- the wallpaper in that bedroom is giving me the fever. And, all day yesterday, Em Henderson was tweeting about her love of all things wicker. You're on the same page. Go wicker!
xx, Whitney from Consider Yourself At Home

Alicia B. Designs said...

hahaha Wicker can be cute...guess I'll have to wait until I have my country house to really rock it.