Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Obsessed with Pleats

Have you guys noticed this in fashion--all these adorable pleated skirts and dresses? I literally can't get enough of them. Pleats are a given in interior design with pleated lampshades, pleated upholstery skirts, and pleated drapery but what I've been seeing are a super intense version of this with a knife or accordion pleat everywhere.

I took this picture in a dress maker's store window in Roma from...our honeymoon! It was one of many swoon worthy moments from the honeymoon...sigh...

When I think of pleated fabric, I think of Bart Halpern, who offers tons of different pleat options. We've used a few of these fabrics in recent projects and they are gorgeous.

Doesn't this take your breathe away? I am speechless at how gorgeous this is. Also, is she making a cape look graceful and beautiful?

Like I said, pleats are in interiors too with this cute pillow from West Elm.

West Elm is getting these pleats. This nautical feeling pillow is from WE also and is in yellow too.

Can I pull off a long skirt? They are chic and comfy looking but am I too short at 5' 4"? This gorgeous lady looks amazing in the long accordion pleated skirt and long sweater.

I love this dress for if I had eloped and gotten married at City Hall. Perfect right? Too late for that though...

This skirt nails it in a rooftop photo shoot paired with a simple white top and belt.

Great for fall or back to school (like yours truly again) a dusty pink pleated skirt!

Are you all feeling the cute pleated skirts and dresses? I love the girly sophistication of them and the movement and motion of them. In terms of the interior design world, I think clean knife or box pleats are the way to go, otherwise you risk going shabby chic mess, which I don't advise. So who wants to buy me a pleated dress? All uncredited pics are from HERE.

Alicia B.


Decor Arts Noe said...

Hi Alicia,
Bought a blue grey maxi with pleats from ASOS. Can't wait to rock it!
I know, I know--- my clothes have not caught up with my age, but I decided that I don't care.
You surely could do it!

Alicia B. Designs said...

Lynn that sounds FABULOUS! You can totally rock it--you're adorable! I wish I could see.

designchic said...

Loving the pleats...the white dress is adorable!!

Meta Musings said...

I love these pleated skirts. xx