Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Custom Cool Rugs=Amazingly Cool

Last week was completely consumed with an installation that we did in Quogue. We had to find the majority of the pieces to complete a home in 2 days. It was a blast, but exhausting. Since we had to find things on short notice, I was able to visit stores in person, one of which was Custom Cool Rugs in Quogue. I had written about the owner's home a few months ago and was delighted to meet her. Eliza Gatfield (the owner) is a very sweet and extremely generous woman and happens to own and operate the most interesting rug store I've ever seen.

The store is a cute shop on the corner of the "main shopping area", if you can call it that, in Quogue. This rug is stunning in person.

Eliza takes Kilims and makes them into bags and pillows, as well. This is one of many adorable displays around the store.

Here is a close up on one of my favorite bags. They look incredibly versatile and durable.

These soft geometric patterns can also be made into rugs. They are subtle and beautiful and work seamlessly in a beach house.

Just a nice moment of some pretty rugs rolled up on a beautiful etagere.

The whole shop has a very youthful vibe but still very sophisticated.

Last but least, of a rug. Blue Ikat in a large scale is incredible. I almost bought a house in the Hamptons JUST for this rug. ALMOST.

Custom Cool can do custom rugs (obvi), they do kilims, runners, bags, chairs, etc and everyone that works there was super nice and accommodating. They are also "GoodWeave Certified" which means they do not support child labor in the countries where they make their rugs and even support opportunities for better education in the area. If you are even anywhere near Quogue you must make a stop here--it is an incredible shop.

Alicia B.

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Darcy said...

Alicia, this looks like an amazing store. I particularly love the bags!