Thursday, November 17, 2011

Glad for Plaid.

One of the many things I love about Autumn and Winter is that there is more plaid to be seen. I mean flannel, tartan, and plaid. Whenever I see it it looks cozy and warm and makes me feel like cashmere is wrapped around my heart. I recently had to shop for a client's Colorado house and saw tons of great tartan plaids. Very inspiring and festive.

I would love a day bed like the one here. This looks like a very relaxed sitting room--I guess my little loveseat will have to do for now with brown windowpane plaid.

What a great office. Betsy Burnham in LA has a fantastic workspace with a ton of books and a green tartan pillow! Pillows are versatile and you can change them out when summer comes and you want something lighter.

This is from Hank Azaria's house in AD and the drapery is Sandra Jordan! She had the best line of plaids but I can't seem to find them online. What a cozy office meeting room...for poker games.

As I used to work in a lighting showroom, I loved to see which fabrics designer's used on lampshades. These are very seasonal and the great thing about lampshades is that you can switch them depending on the season! From Living etc.

Ahhh, my favorite house in Newport RI. John Peixinhos's home is a constant inspiration to me. This is such a simple entry and I love the plaid next to the elegantly worn oriental rug. From HB.

Autumnal tablescape! I love the lavender and maize plaid blanket used as a table cloth here. Great idea.

Speaking of tablescapes, Eddie Ross designed this gorgeous Thanksgiving table. This is making me even more excited for Thanksgiving. The unexpected and non traditional Thanksgiving colors make this table really stand out.

Plaid, plaid, plaid and a little dog. Preppy and British looking, yes?

Are you going to add some plaid to your home this fall/winter? When in doubt, you can just add a pillow or a tablecloth. In the image above, the pillow is a green silk pillow with a huge plaid ribbon tied around it. That would be great decoration for a holiday party. Can't wait to decorate for our first holiday party!

Alicia B.

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