Friday, November 4, 2011


I have been completely obsessed with octagonal ottomans lately. I think they might just be the coolest thing since bricklayers coffee tables. I haven't seen a TON of them but I was able to scout out a few.

How incredible are the textiles in this room? They are all Robert Kime and Carolina Irving I believe. The ottoman serves as a coffee table as well and take a look at the detail below.

I'm not usually one for passementerie but I can hardly breathe when I look at the tassels and trim on this. Amazing details. Both images are from HERE.

This large Suzani covered ottoman is for sale on the Christies UK site. It is coming from an estate in Cotswold Manor so I'd better hop on my jet with my bidders paddle.

I think when it comes to an octagonal ottoman you absolutely must go all out with the fabrics. I love this ottoman though, it's large but with slender legs it doesn't appear so bulky. Amazing room by Daniel Sachs. This spread actually goes up there with my top 3 faves.

This ottoman is finished off with a simple nailhead trim in this more stripped down room. I love the simple aesthetic in this sitting room.

This image, taken from World of Interiors, has one of the most unique and stunning ottoman of the bunch. The whole room is full of Robert Kime textiles and is perfectly British/European.

The only company that I could find so far that makes an octagonal ottoman is Robert Kime. Robert Kime Textiles compliment the ottomans perfectly and there are so many to choose from. He has two versions; the paneled version HERE, and the open version HERE. I think I like the open version because it appears more like a table than a pouf. BTW this is not a plug for Robert Kime, I just happen to love everything about RK. What do ya'll think?

Alicia B.

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