Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Day for Love

Happy Valentine's Day my lovely readers! Today is a great day whether you're single or not--there is much love to be had. I am very thankful for my readers and love you all. I love the color pink, and the color red isn't so bad either.

This lovely striped, checked, polka dotted red and white bedroom is by Taylor Interior Design. Red can be airy and open too.

This picture was taken by yours truly in the New York City. I love this picture, I took it the day after my younger sister came into town to surprise me with a bachelorette party!

In my next life maybe I'll be a ballerina but this time around I have ZERO balance. These sweet pink ballet inspired shoes are good enough for now though.

Red Rug! This photo from the Selby is a nice breakfast room with amaaazing windows wouldn't you say? There are a lot of plants in that room though--I'd most likely kill them all if I lived there.

This is our first Valentine's day as a married couple but we've celebrated 6 other ones together before this. I have not loved New York lately but today we will put aside our differences and I will focus on things I do love. I love humor and high heeled shoes. I love interior design, my family, my sisters, my awesome friends, my new nephew (I KNOW!!!!!), and of course my husband. Isn't a day all about love, wonderful!?

Alicia B.

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