Monday, February 20, 2012

Loyalty and Blood

No, I'm not talking about vampires...I'm talking about a line of jewelry made in Brooklyn. A few weeks ago a friend and I took a trip to the Brooklyn Flea Market and passed by a table that sold some really interesting jewelry, Loyalty and Blood.

Their table mostly had these really interesting geometric designed earrings and necklaces.

If you can handle long dangly earrings, these are quite cool. They are simple but so much fun!

Most of my friends might not see me wearing jewelry like this--I'm usually a pearls or faux long pearls wearer but I like these because they are fun and different but also casual and you can wear them everyday. I can be cool, too...

Loyalty and Blood is a husband and wife team from Texas that moved to NYC, graduated from the school of visual arts and started a jewelry line.
Most of the jewelry is made of brass which is really pretty because it tarnishes over time. As a designer I love the look of aged antiqued brass.

Loyalty and Blood has been featured in a few publications as well as a Free People catalogue! I just wanted to share this on this fun holiday weekend. My friend ended up buying a pair of earrings for her brother's girlfriend--they were super cool. My husband and I are off on a day trip on this awesome holiday weekend--will let you know how it goes when we return! Any plans? Hope you're not working!

Alicia B.

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