Tuesday, May 8, 2012


 Have you ever seen a product and been inspired to make your own version of it?  Of course you have--many design bloggers like to try their hand at making things themselves.  We are a creative bunch. As you may know, I have always been inspired by Diane Von Furstenberg.  She's just simply fabulous and her brand is always coming out with new designs for clothing as well as home goods for me to wish I had.  

 I spotted these beautiful salad bowls when I was registering for my wedding but went with the classic plain wooden bowl instead. I haven't been able to get them out of my head even 9 months after my wedding.  

Anyway, my project started with a completely plain Jane wooden tray that I picked up at the Hell's Kitchen Flea Market.  I found Martha Stewart gold paint at Home Depot and some blue painter's tape and taped off the area in some jazzy zebra style stripes. 

Here is the Martha Stewart Metallic Paint.  I chose Golden Pearl but there are a few other metallic colors if you are looking for a different finish. 

Once the tape was down, the painting started.  I did about 3 coats of it so that it looked thick and rich.

Taking the tape off (slowly) after the paint had dried was the most fun part. 

All the tape is off and the gold is shiny and fabulous!

I painted the sides too so that the paint extended over the edge. Little Touches. Little Details. 

I'm not sure what I'll use it for yet.  For a month it was sitting on the counter holding my spices but now that it's so pretty, I might just use it for parties as a serving tray.  Bar tray? My last step that I have yet to complete is to put a varnish on it to protect the gold paint and to just finish it off.  What do you all think??

Alicia B.

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