Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Relax, I mean outdoor swings! Recently, for a client's kids basement play room I selected the Dedon Nest (above).  The nest is a cozy little space full of pillows and great for kids.  It can rest on the floor or hang suspended from the ceiling, a porch beam, or a tree outside.  Even though it's snowing in some parts of the country, it's time to start thinking about updating your outdoor spaces with something fun...like a swing!

A sculptural style swing in this romantic outdoor setting is a very beautiful option.  It looks like it belongs outside in nature.

This I found on Raina's Blog, a funky swing hangs in the lounge area on an indoor/outdoor pool.  How sublime.

For a less expensive option than the Dedon or an antique, there are many cute options on Ebay. This one looks like a little cocoon.

This is a simple wicker options with colorful pillows added.  I definitely encourage the addition of colorful pillows.

Serena and Lily always comes up with something cute, and this rattan swing is no exception. This is also a great option on a lower budget. Now all I need is a tree and some grass.

This one is from Kettal and comes in ivory, brown, and a combination of the 2--and can be hung from a tree too!

If you don't have much space or if you just have a teeny tiny backyard, a swing would be a stylin and fun addition to your outdoor space.  Also, probably a safer version of a tree house, too. The Dedon Nest is a good option for a few people and the other swings could be another seating option with a small sofa and some chairs.  Do you have a swing like this??

Alicia B.

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