Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Chicks

I had a little bit of fun on Easter with my Dad's new camera that he just got for his birthday. The Easter Bunny filled our baskets with yummy stuff and I also got this little fuzzy chick. Needless to say, he went on a little adventure around our house...things happened. Or as my Dad would say, "Mistakes were made."

Piano Man Chick

Camouflage Chick

Chick in a Cookie Jar

Chick with His Bros

Sunday Styles Chick

Chick and a Bunny

Muscle Milk Chick

Chick and Bear are Friends

Chick on a Zoom Lens

Smoking Chick

Chick in a Nest

Chick on the Slide

Face Plant Chick

Swinger Chick

Chick is Tired and Just Wants to Kick Back with a Glass of Red Wine Chick

Chick and I had a great Easter and I hope you did too. Hope you enjoyed his little adventure!

Alicia B.


Anonymous said...

Hilarious and very creative!

Anonymous said...

Hilarious and very creative!

heavy hedonist said...

Camouflage chick wins!!!

Peace, Mari

Robin said...

Adorable and hilarious. I imagine a lot of giggling went on while setting up the shots.

Jessica {The Aestate} said...

this is hilarious!!

Diana said...

You are so amazing! I laughed...I cried...