Monday, April 23, 2012

Holland & Sherry Bespoke Opens!

Image from NY Magazine
One of my favorite places to shop for clients is fabric house, Holland &  Sherry.  They have exquisite textiles, the quality is unparalleled, and they carry many of the best lines.  Now they are opening a bespoke retail store in Soho on Elizabeth Street!  

This is the first room with a custom made black, grey and white wide-checked rug, tartan plaid upholstered wallsand different high end accessories

Shaving creams, colognes, and other manly items sit in this area.

This is a gorgeous bar accessory set with a martini shaker.  To the left is one of the many lamps around the shop with Holland and Sherry lampshades.

This room is full of fabrics, hats, beautifully upholstered pieces, and other household linen accessories. 

I love this soft grey bag with light mustard leather straps.  This is just one of many beautiful bags that they sell.

A fluffy pile of cotton/ linen napkins sits on a table in one of the corners.
I would love to redesign my bed using all these linens for my "country house".  Look at the detailing on these!

As a lover of lighting, this little lamp definitely caught my eye.  The lampshade just makes it.

The store itself is airy yet comfortable.  There is a huge skylight in the second room which lights the linens perfectly.  Take a look at this article written by a girl I went to grade school and prep school with from NY Magazine (woo!!).  Holland and Sherry Bespoke is a store with a lot of classics--not your trendy-OMG-a-chevron-pattern type of place.  Clearly, I'm a fan.  What do you think??  BTW, the room shots were from here and the other shots, I took.

Alicia B.

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