Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Boot Room

The ultimate boot room.
Most people have a mud room or have heard the term "mud room" but have you heard of a boot room?  Well, you have now. I was reading the Financial Times (as usual), when I came across a great article about the phenomenon of boot rooms coming back.  A "boot room" originates in the UK from the football teams that used to discuss strategy and maybe grab a beer after the match with their mates.  It's basically a British version of the ever dreaded "Man Cave".  I hate that term and I think boot room is much better and more civilized.

The perfect lighting for a boot room, there is adequate space for your many pairs of Hunters, a bench and all the jackets you can imagine.

A clean a crisp white paneled room complete with firewood storage.

I am a huge fan of the white painted paneled ceiling and an informal seating area in this narrow yet gracious boot room.

Boots?  Check. Room for a dog?  Check.  Old fashioned broom?  CHECK.
This is the room that inspired the post--by David Hicks.  A very masculine yet inviting room fully equipped with boots, hats, seating, sports equipment, and nice things to look at.

More paneling...seeing a theme?  I think that boot rooms are mostly meant for those with country houses. Ahh, a life of leisure.

It has since evolved into a overall equipment room and can be used by more than just footballers. I just specified this for a client--it's from Wisteria and so practical yet very handsome.

I love the idea of a boot room, as you may have guessed.  My husband and I could really use one to house our tennis and squash racquets, various pairs of sneakers, hats, and a set of golf clubs I wish I owned.  According to the article I read, the boot room is making a come back.  I wish that developers in NYC thought the same...

Alicia B.

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