Sunday, June 24, 2012

Summer Dining

Industrial Dining Chairs.

As a Pinterest connoisseur (slash can't look away), I've been obsessing over cool looking dining chairs lately.  I'm sick of the whole Chinese Chippendale chair, or the upholstered chair with a different fabric on the back and the front.  Not to say that those aren't great looking but I"m looking for something more right now.  Something out of the ordinary.

Lynn Morgan Design used these blue grey wicker chairs in a beach setting. 

From Elle Decor, I've always loved French Bistro chairs in any form; dining and bar. They are beautifully constructed but casual and comfortable.

Look at these Macintosh inspired dining chairs in this Marrakesh interior.  They are super beautiful chairs but possibly uncomfortable.

Carrier and Company designed this soft light-filled dining room and used a French Linen fabric on the chairs.

This is a peaceful looking breakfast table in a Hollywood Hills Home.  These woven chairs look comfortable and beautiful.  Nate Berkus. 

Might I have an obsession with woven chairs?  Probably.  Designed by Edwina Hunt.
I LOVE these chairs and I actually selected the side chair version for a client at my previous job at house in the Hamptons.  This Sea Island house is by Bunny Williams.
I can't wait to have my own dining room (I don't have one now), and to pick out chairs for our new home.  Whenever that is.  I think comfort is an important factor and so I'd prefer to sit in it before buying.  Also, you have to think practically.  If you have fabric, will it hide stains?  Will it be seasonally versatile?  The pictures above are mostly from summer homes so they have a less formal quality, but I prefer that actually. Which one is your favorite?  

Alicia B.

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