Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Fourth of July!


I love America.  Probably more than most people but this isn't a competition...yet.  When I was thinking about this blog for today I started thinking about things that were uniquely American.  Take a look at some American awesomeness care of moi.  

The American Cowboy.  I love cowboy boots, country music,  and the American West.  I think I'll wear my cowboy boots today! 

First of all, I love red pants.  But also, I love nautical style outfits.  Matching up denim, blue and white stripes and red clothing means Summer and sailing to me. From

Small Towns are not JUST an American thing but small towns with colonial houses and American flags are. I took this picture BTW.
Baseball!  As a Connecticut-er, I don't have my own team and I DO NOT like the Red Sox, so I'm left with the Yankees or the Mets.  And on top of that, the last baseball game I went to was a Pittsburgh Pirates game (which was awesome).
This is a Paula Deen style Strawberry Shortcake called a Strawberry TALLcake!  I love these, they just ARE summer.  I also love Paula Deen...can we deep fry this thing?!  Oh Paula Deen.
What are ya'll doing for America today?  My husband and I are going to have a picnic in NYC after this pesky rain has left.  I'm also going to make THESE and watch some fireworks on our roof! Have an amazing Fourth of July and remember to celebrate Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

Alicia B.


Diana said...

Happy fourth Lishi! Great post and great pics as usual.

Anonymous said...

Hanging out at the pool wishing for a margo! Xxx