Monday, July 16, 2012


At work, we are working on designing a bedroom.  It is meant to be a peaceful, calm place of refuge.  I've been enjoying flipping through magazines and strolling through pinterest (obsessively as usual) to find inspiration.  Most of the rooms have soft fabrics and a neutral monochromatic palette.

Albert Hadley painted the room a bold but cool brown color complimented by the pale blue painted bed.

An all white room with an incredible view certainly makes for a calming room.  I love the driftwood accent and slatted walls.  Darryl Carter.
This room has an old classic feel but the painted wood ceiling has a lot of character.  Monochrome luxurious bedding is a must.  By Tom Stringer.
I know you can't see the bed but this room is all about the little details.  The tufted upholstered bed, the soft pillows on the graceful sloped sofa, and the drapery allowing light through makes the room soft and inviting.  By Celerie Kemble.  

Light in a bedroom is important but it's important to be able to control the amount coming in for different times of day.  I love this light flooded room by Deborah Needleman.

Visually I'm drawn to very dynamic patterned rooms that you see on the blogs, but for practicality, soft colors and textures are key.  Soft colors like pinks, blues, and creams make for a relaxing environment. Do you have a busy bedroom or a soft relaxing bedroom?

Alicia B. 


ODonDesign said...

I love the Albert Hadley room. What great inspiration!

ODonDesign said...

I love the Albert Hadley room. What wonderful inspiration!