Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Colgate Mansion!

Many of you may have never heard of this house but everytime I travel from NYC to my parent's house in Litchfield County CT we can see it on the ride home.  It's always been an intriguing mystery to me because the house itself is hidden from view by trees, but NO MORE!  My (genius) husband found this post on New York Social Diary about the house! It's listed for a cool 10.9 Million (kajillion) dollars. 

It was built in 1906 for "Rome" Colgate in Sharon, CT. 

Not long after (for a mans) in 1936, the house with all its furniture, and the 300 acres that it sits on for...$25,000. 

After that, the house was flipped a bunch of times and finally ended up with this Steel Magnate playboy character who was bff with Cary Grant.

I literally couldn't breathe when I saw this image.  The detailing on the ceiling and the wood inlay floors are gorgeous.
This is obviously not my style, but here is another incredible ceiling and green silk damask wallpaper.  

Wouldn't it be fabulous to have a dining room this size?  Seating for 14?  Check out the wood inlay floors and all the incredible moldings and details!!

I love the simplicity of this wood working going up the stair.  The white in the middle  creates a beautiful silhouette.  

These doors repeat all around the second floor.  FAB. U. LOUS.  Imagine walking out onto that balcony with the columns overlooking your stunning front yard and your little sports car.  

More inlay flooring, this staircase is so graceful and the detailing around the door and ceiling is so unique.   I love how the curves reflect each other on the floor and ceiling. 

Here we are in the servants quarters (for poor people).  I'd love to have enough room to display plates like that.  

Ring the bell and les servants will bring your food.  Looks like William Morris wallpaper on the walls down there. 

On the whole, it looks like a pretty extravagant place.  The current pictures look like someone really let it go, but it's the perfect job for a designer--project!!  What do you think of the house?  Other features of this house are a pool, 8000 SF Carriage house, wine cellar.  Not everyones style per se but its Beaux Arts at its best.  The only thing I need is a few mill to buy it...anyone want to pitch in?  Colgate Mansion here we come!  (all pics from the realtor and NYSD)

Alicia B. 

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Robin said...

OhEmGee the floor/ceiling in the foyer is amazing! It is hard to tell but I wonder if the floor is an exact mirror of the ceiling? When you buy it I am coming to visit you!

ps - you should share this post with Julia at Hooked On Houses...