Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Mirror Mirror on the Bed

Mario Buatta.  The bedding is better than anything ever but what a gorgeous bed. 

I've never been a huge fan of mirrored furniture, but I've learned that they have a time and a place--not like this.  A mirrored buffet in a dining room can take up less visual space while holding a lot of storage.  I was inspired to find some mirrored beds when I saw this article in the Wall Street Journal about designers being inspired by one another.  Hard hitting.  Intense.  

This is a fun modern mirrored bed.  I love that lamp though on the nightstand. 

This one might be a wee bit too much for me in terms of mirror but I appreciate the fun pink walls and the glam direction its taking. 

Bunny Williams.  A neutral room with a little bit of sparkle from the mirror and a drop dead amazing headboard is a yes for me.

Another mirror valenced bed by Jonathan Berger.  I love how the top side of this is upholstered...amazing and stripey.

Most of these have been pretty neutral and the same goes for this.  I suppose when you have a statement bed like this you need to let it speak for itself.  Another Bunny Williams. 

A huge headboard and a fur throw?  So glam, Miles Redd.

Remember when I did a blog about mural wallpaper?  Well here is some more PLUS a mirrored bed--this one has such modern lines that it could be a nickel bed frame.  From Elle Decor.
How are we feeling about mirrored furniture?  Scared like I was?  Feelin' it?  Do you just look for another chance to see your reflection in something like I do?  Just kidding, I don't do that.  I just blog and look at fabric.  And love Bunny Williams, clearly.

Alicia B.


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