Monday, September 3, 2012


Am I the last to know about this or did it just slip past everyone else's radar?  Justin Timberlake has expanded beyond music, being a "restauranteur" and is now trying to decorate every one's homes?!  I can't tell if he's super jazzed about it or laughing in every one's faces.  Be that as it may, let's talk about HomeMint.  

First you get on there (click HERE for my invite), create your own personal style profile based on a few pictures of an ideal dinner party (duh), and Justin and Estee will choose things that they think you might like for you!  SO EASY!  I chose the one above because I'm just that kind of girl.
Here is another question--are you kidding me?  WOW.  Estee Stanley was Justin's designer back in what he describes as his "glory days."  What is he talking about--he's still in his glory days!!

There is a lo-o-o-o-t of crap like THIS but also some fun rugs for super cheap like above. You've seen this rug before, comes in lots of colors.  

This is another accessory that I deemed acceptable enough to put up.  It's a lantern! 

As we all know, I'm pretty on board with rope accessories and so is Justin!  Good move JT.
A throw!  $70 for members only.
Yeah so that's pretty much all I could find that I liked.  After I took the survey, Justin advised that I'm "the artist".  It means I love color and a great vintage fine.  Oh Justin, you know me so well, you're so perceptive.  Have you guys seen this?  I wonder if HomeMint will let me do a giveaway--right?  I'd love to just do a whole style overhaul on this bad boy instead though.  Good thing he's pretty.

Alicia B.

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Little Bitty Damn Houze said...

Yes I've seen this. Even joined. But the things they are selling are ridiculously priced to me.
Great post.