Friday, August 17, 2012

Rope me in

Want these?  Get at me and I'll get them for you.  

As you know I love nautical design--I love a good anchor motif and I've been seeing lots of rope everywhere.  Rope is the ultimate nautical motif; knots, rope wrapped lamps and tables.  I'm seeing it everywhere and loving it.  The texture is forgiving and rustic.

South of Market side table.  SO chunky!

This bench is from Shades of Light and super affordable!  Under $1000!  Am I jaded?

1st Dibs whimsical rope sconces.  Vintage rope lights are usually from the 60's.

Vintage Rope lamps from 1st Dibs.  Fabulous.
Don't want vintage?  This Arteriors lamp is super affordable too and great for a kid's room or costal living room.

Ro Sham Beaux Rope wrapped lantern.  Obsessed. 
The sink is a little weird here but I love the rope wrapped mirrors.    Want a rope wrapped mirror?  Email me at  Image: Brown Contracting on Houzz.

Sailing motif!!  I'm not only obsessed with rope wrapped furniture but I love the idea of using rope as the stair balusters attached with a cleat. From Houzz as well.

Nicole Hollis used rope to wrap the balusters of the stairs.  Rope and a glue gun is really all you need.  

Instead of having regular hardware you can make huge knots as the drawer pulls and knobs on the doors.  It sure adds a more relaxed look to this hard edged but beautiful bathroom.  SB Architects. 
This may be the coolest chair I've ever seen.   Its in the Holly Hunt Showroom.   

Well it's clear that I love this rope wrapped trend.  You could even take something with an awful finish and DIY wrap that sucker and have a completely new looking piece.  So now. Like it and want it?  Contact me and I can lead you to it.  What do you guys think?  Weird or lovely?

Alicia B. 

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Raina Cox said...

I've been a superfan of Christian Astuguevieille for 15 years. So, YES, I wholeheartedly embrace the rope wrap.