Thursday, January 3, 2013

How to Make 2013 better: Feng Shui it.

Welcome to 2013!  I don't like to make new years resolutions because usually people go for things like "lose weight" or "be better at blah blah" and it just implies that you don't like your 2012 self!  Anyway, if I were to make one it would be about de-cluttering.  I LOVE stuff and by accident buy a lot of stuff.  I definitely need to work on that, in a good way.  I was sent a book, "Feng Shui Your Life".  Normally I roll my eyes at Feng Shui, but after reading this book...I'm in.  

The book is by Jayme Barrett with a forward by Mary Sternburgen (my mom LOVES her and so do I) so already I'm intrigued.  The book is written for a normal person, not a person that wants to decode the Feng Shui language or lives in a spa.  For the person that wants a simple answer to, "How do I do Feng Shui?"

My favorite part is the part about de-cluttering.  It sounds easy but people (myself included), hang on to objects because they potentially have an emotional attachement to them or you might be saving it for later, whenever that is.  I think, as in with clothing, if you've hung onto it for 2 years or more without using it, looking at it, or wearing it, give it away.  

Like many of you, I had lots of misconceptions about Feng Shui.  For instance, you need to have a mirror in every room.  The "rules" are actually easy, make sure the mirror shows your whole body including above your head, make sure the mirror reflects something beautiful, not something unattractive, and do not place lots of objects in front of a mirror.  Again with the clutter.

Overall, I'm a convert.  I'm loving the book, consulting it often because it's easy to read, and trying new FS tips every day.  I got this book free (disclaimer) because I'm a lucky girl, but you can get it HERE.  Get at it, now.  BTW, all these images are from the book.  Amazing right?!

Alicia B. 


Bali Hotels said...

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Anonymous said...

I'm intrigued! How does a mirror mean feng shui? That is just one of the rules? Tell me more!

Kris Robitzsch said...

Is is available in Amazon? I think I'll buy one too.