Thursday, January 24, 2013

Wallpaper Free-For-All

Hey everyone.  Looks like I want to blog more when it's about me.  

In our new home, my husband and I have an actual front hall (and an actual dining room!!).  This may seem like insanity to even mention to the average person but for someone living in NYC a front hall and a dining room space are not exactly par for the course.  We hung a Ballard Designs lantern in the front hall and are going to wallpaper the small space because...why not!?  

Titanium.  Appears more grey slash blue in the space.  

At first I wanted a simple grasscloth but then I was like UM let's have more fun, right?! Right.  I narrowed it down to 3 geometric wallpapers from Schumacher and would love your opinion.  As a background, the living room and dining room are painted Benjamin Moore Titanium which is above.  Here goes with the wallpaper:

A more Moroccan pattern and I would probably end up ordering it in a pale blue if I went for it in the end.  

Love me a chevron with a side of ikat.  

And here is every bloggers favorite, Imperial Trellis.  I know its popular but its also classic and might be my secret favorite.
So what are we thinking??  Its a small room as I said but I think it should be fun and "set the scene" as they say for the rest of the apartment, which is fun, blue/grey, and soft with a side of Alicia.  Get at me with your faves--1, 2, or 3??

Alicia B. 


emily said...

Instincts say go with 3!!! But 2 is so hot right now....

Robin said...

I'm a big fan of #3!

Diana said...

I love the ikat chevron. Duh. Bohemian chic.... So you should go with 3.

Andrezza Costa - Blog Viva Decorativa said...

I like n 2!

Katharine said...

I guess I'm the only one who loves #1 - esp in lighter blue. BOOM

Katharine said...

So, I want an update! Which one did you choose?!