Thursday, September 10, 2009


Kelly Wearstler.

Often times experts claim that fashion leads interior design, or interior design lead fashion and I think in this case, the latter is true! Curves are fantastic and not only are they IN, they've always been in! A beautiful curving winding staircase is a very classical element that can be adapted in many different ways. For some reason curving staircases have always caught my eye.

Marie Claire Maison. The winding staircase has been adapted for a contemporary setting using glass and steel.

James Huniford. I am dying to see this foyer from the other side. Two winding staircases? Could you ask for anything better?

Living etc. These are a tad more industrial. Check out that railing slithering up the stairs.

James Michael Howard. Double staircases. Gawgeous.

This staircase is very nice but what makes it stand out is the way the ceiling curves around it at the top. By Jan Showers.

BCV Architects. I think i might cry tears of joy at this picture. SO beautiful and simple.

Another genius staircase by BCV Architects. This is a wine stockroom for a restaurant that they designed.

Not loving the drapery choice but the architecture here just blows me away. I love the way the light from the doorway shines on the underside of the staircase. Austin Patterson Disston clearly has this down.

Austin Patterson Disston. I've posted this image before but it's so perfect that I don't think it could hurt to post it again.

I grew up with a regular staircase with two landings, but no curves. Certainly not complaining, as my sisters and I used to spend hours on end having jumping contests on those poor stairs, but maybe that's why I love the curving ones so much.

Alicia B.

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