Friday, September 11, 2009

Rando Design Inspiration Friday

It is Friday! This day (September 11th) reminds me to appreciate the simple things in life and to be thankful for everything that I have as an American. Freedom, independence, choices etc. I feel really great about all those things, and we should not take them for granted. SO, let's take a deep breath and appreciate the beauty that is...interior design!

You might be able to see that I'm recently obsessed with Jan Showers. Shes immensly talented, yes? I wish I could see more of that striped wing chair peaking out from the left. Her furniture choices are classic and elegant.

Another favorite and leader of the understated look is Christopher Maya. This looks like a great place to sit with your family around a fire.

In major breaking news (via StyleBeat), Amanda Nisbet's new fabric line is being sold at Holland & Sherry. I've always loved Amanda Nisbet's style and her fabrics are so fun and creative. She also has a lighting line at Urban Electric. You MUST check them out.

Brooklyn Bridge USA

I'm just going to slide this one in a) because I took it and b) because it's a symbol of New York and evokes a feeling of patriotism which always feels nice on this day.

Have a lovely day everyone! Weekend plans, you ask? Locking myself in my apartment (watching Vampire Diaries and Project Runway-don't judge me!) and doing homework nonstop! What are your plans?

Alicia B.


Lauren said...

oh i've never seen the show the vampire diaries but read the books back when I was like 12!!! ( i was actually bitter when I first read the Twilight books because they were so close to Vampire Diaries... LJ Smith is one of my FAVORITES STILL!!! hahahah just glad she's finally making her money!)

tell me how the show is!!! (i don't have cable--- maybe it will go to netfloix after?)

Annie@A View On Design said...

yes it is a special day, nice post

Down Pillow said...

I really like the first photo - the room is just so bright, cheery, & calming :)