Saturday, April 2, 2011

Kitchen Moment: Terracotta Style

I've been helping a friend out with her new home in Philly and shes asked me to help her pick paint colors in a few rooms. The first one was her kitchen, which had red walls and a terracotta tile floor. The red walls MUST go and I recommend pure creamy white walls in her kitchen. While I'm naturally drawn to wide plank flooring, you have to play the cards you were dealt, right? Only kidding, the kitchen is going to look amazing. Take a look at some kitchens I found as inspiration with creamy white painted walls and terracotta floors.

The uneven tile floor and the and artwork on the wall (kind of 6 months ago) create a bit of character in this kitchen. I do love the scale of this kitchen though.
These red terracotta tiles are not your run of the mill squares are they? No. They are a rich red with a black tile surrounding the island. I like the contrast of the red and the clean white.

This is my favorite (from Elle Decor). I'm obsessed with the French bistro chairs and the polished look of the tiles.

This is a little something different, yes? Brick flooring with white paint and white cabinetry makes this kitchen look traditional but contemporary. From this gorgeous blogger.

You want your kitchen to look clean above all else. The red walls seem like an attempt at the "Tuscan" look from 1997 and they should def go. My friend is traditional, but shes also 27 and needs a great place to cook, entertain friends and be 27 with her husband. How do you all feel about the terracotta tiles? I like the look, because it reminds me of an open kitchen in France or Italy.

Alicia B.


Lindsay [rookie's nest] said...

ohhhh yea i LOVE the second kitchen picture!!

Trissta said...

Hi! I just found your blog through google. Haha, totally random, I know. I'm super excited, because I just became your newest follower! Can't wait to see what you have in store next!


Decor Arts Now said...

I like the idea of creamy white (with a hint of yellow in the white)walls. If your friend can spring for Farrow&ball paint, FB cream would be perfect! Xo, Lynn

Naomi@DesignManifest said...

Thanks for the link -love sweetie!

In the right setting I think they can be gorgeous. Especially when juxtaposed with modern elements.


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