Saturday, April 16, 2011

Shopping at Claremont...but not for myself

One of the best parts of my new job is shopping! I get to pick out beautiful and amazing fabrics and textiles for our clients. Though i am beginning to loathe my old place of employment, the D & D building, I am learning so much. Seriously, the D &D is a huge time and energy sucker, but there is nothing to do about that--its the life of a design assistant. ANYWHAY, the most fabulous place I've been thus far was a showroom called Claremont. It's not in the D & D, but a few blocks north. It has the most beautiful printed fabrics and embroidered silks. It was like the high end version of Pierre Deux in the style sense; French Country but with a little city flavor, if you know what I mean.

The showroom was bright and cheery and I almost blacked out at how beautiful and perfectly organized it was.

All the fabrics were stacked one on top of the other. I hated to mess them up but I needed to dig into the gorgeous textiles. (pic from Brooke Giannetti's blog!)

The showroom (this is the LA one) carries about 7 or 8 lines of fabric. This one is Penny Morrison's welcome to the showroom. From Out to Lunch.

Speaking of awesome designer, Brooke Giannetti, she used this paisley fabric from Claremont to recover a client's chair. I love how the traditional pattern is made more modern with the poppy color.

The showroom, started in London in 1931, started with George Le Manash of Paris. I'm ABSOLUTELY obsessed with his fabrics.

OH MA GAWD I'm obsessed with this room. Le Manache is a fabric design god.

OH, I'm going to black out again (can blacking out be the new "swoon"?). This is another Le Manache fabric room. I love matching fabric to wall covering--but only when it's a good/amazing fabric. Photo from HERE.

I'm recovering this Saturday night from a crazy week at work (in a good way), and Saturday 9AM class. Thankfully I got the new House Beautiful to help me unwind. What are ya'll up to?

Alicia B.


Decor Arts Now said...

Your new job sounds devine!!

Xoxo, Lynn

Decor Arts Now said...

Oh and PS Alicia,
I would like to hear more about the day in the life of a design assistant.


Imobiliare said...

the best job

Darcy said...

Sorting through amazing fabrics sounds so wonderful. Did you see the short video of Jenna Lyons in Italy looking for fabric for J.Crew's spring/summer colletions this year? I think you'd like it: