Sunday, April 24, 2011

Lilly Coming Home

I've been meaning to post about this...for...a long time but have been completely swamped with my life. So, for those of you who don't read 1000 other interior design blogs, then this will be news to you--Lilly Pulitzer has a new furniture line coming out!

You might be thinking, this could only work in a little girl's room, or in my vaca home in Palm Beach, but I think it has some actual versatility.
See what I mean? This sideboard cabinet is so sophisticated and has just the right amount of embellishment in the knobs. SO gorgeous.
I love faux bamboo so this bar cart would look amazing in my NYC apartment. Really--does anybody want to step up to the plate to make that happen?

I want to trade out my super cool bar stools for these now! You guys know how much I love yellow and these are just SO YELLOW.
The Morgan Ottoman is just adorable. I love the wide pleats--this is perfect for setting a tray of treats down on. LIlly knows that we're not always out at fabulous parties or lying on the beach and that we like to kick back and watch TV sometimes. I love the blue on the inside of the cabinet and the cute little brass drawer pulls.
As a side note, I'm thinking of wearing this dress to my rehearsal dinner--thoughts?

So what do you guys think of the Lilly Pulitzer line? You know how I feel (can't breath with excitement). Practical? AMAZING? It comes out this summer, so you have some time to make room for it. (Images from Lilly Pulitzer, HFI Brands Facebook page, and CocoCozy!)

Alicia B.


Raina Cox said...

WOW. I'm really impressed.

After that awful bedding and bath line for Garnet Hill, I would never have suggested they go the furniture route.

And I LOVE that dress for your rehearsal dinner!

Jeannine 520 said...

I love the dress, I think it would be perfect but I wouldn't style it with the type of shoes the model is wearing.

Alicia B. Designs said...

Raina--I secretly love the duvets at Garnett Hill but they're really not practical. They also say "okay, we get it, you're preppy...tone it down". These furniture pieces are fabulous and practical though. woo!

Jeannine, I totally agree. I'd wear a gold heel I think.


Robin said...

I'm with you on the sideboard and the bar cart! They have a great art-deco look I think. Like old-money-inherited (tres preppy, no?)

YES wear that dress it will be adorable on you. With enormous pearl studs.

Bri@Meyouandawiener said...

After seeing this I started painting some of my furniture pieces in bright colors. I have to stop or my living room will look like a bag of skittles. Can't help it her line is so damn happy.

Alicia B. Designs said...

Bri--I love skittles! Send me a pic when you're done, i'd love to see it...


Decor Arts Now said...

I do read a ton of blogs and this is the best preview I have seen. I love the collection. And you would look darling in that dress!! Xo, Lynn

Anonymous said...

Just now getting in to the mix on this one....Love it for the rehearsal / aka "bridal" dinner!!

Brazilianshoegirl said...

You are thinking of wearing that dress tonight? You have another option? Oh gosh. You definitely don't live in Maine. I am from Brazil where nice dresses are everywhere, but that is beautiful my friend.


Alicia B. Designs said...

Thanks Natalia--I just got it in the mail and it fits really well! Sorry I didn't get your compliment--your english is great though :)