Wednesday, March 20, 2013

French Mattress Obsession

I've always loved the look of a french mattress pillow but I'm pretty obsessed right now.  We just did a modified French mattress on an antique Chinese bed and the thickness of the mattress looked amazing.  They are characterized by a thick height of about 3-5 inches with a very thick welt and tufting on the top. 

On the right a striped French mattress sits on the window seat in this hallway. From Carrier & Co. 

A chic farmhouse can have a fabulous French mattress day bed to make the room look relaxed but elegant. David Michael Miller. 

Another comfy cozy window seat has a light emerald green French mattress. Hot Steven Gambrel

Another room here from Carrier & Co. (love them), this French mattress makes this sweet chair and ottoman a little bit jazzier. 

Furniture designer, Dmitry, makes this AMAZEVILLE day bed.  LOVE. 

Another day bed with a French mattress.
I can't wait for the day that I can have a French mattress of my own.  My older sister is moving to a new house and maybe I should convince her to do a fabulous French mattress in the family room, or in their master bedroom?  What do ya'll think?  All these bad boys are on my Pinterest

Alicia B. 

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