Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Wood Tiles: Obsessed

Yesterday I went to approve some marble slabs at our stone place (I know, its boring but it's part of my life) and I saw the coolest looking tiles.  Wood Porcelain Tile.  It has the look and softness of wood but it's super durable and eco friendly. 

I saw it in a grey weathered look but through research it can come in a deep rich brown stain as well. Not as good looking but obviously it depends on the space.  It's used here on the wall as well as the floor--STUNNING. 

Also, for exterior use for a clean looking deck.  

Here are some in a stained wood color in this bathroom.  I actually like this bathroom but the drapery looks like highwaters.  

Here is the old farmhouse look with distressed blue paint on them.  I don't love the paint for myself but I like the idea of a distressed wood tile. 

In this modern space they use the grey tiles in a chevron pattern.  Fabulous.
I'm pretty into the look, what do you think?  It's a versatile look for a clean and modern space or for a chic farmhouse.  Another one of our clients is going to use this in their entryway as well.

Alicia B. 

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Raina Cox said...

I saw your Pin on this and grabbed it. Thanks for the fab source!