Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Spring Anticipation Sale!

Spring is coming, I can feel it.  I know a huge storm is going to hit the east coast but all I can think of is warm weather and not wearing two sweaters all the time.  In honor of the coming of spring, I want to share with you all a fabulous sale!! These items are near and dear to my heart since I used them at my wedding (best day ever) but it's time to let them live a new life.  

Here is an example of a simple tablescape you could acheive if you would like. 

Each vase is unique and is hobnail milk glass.  

I have 4 of these 90" round table cloths, and 2 of them in a broader stripe as the napkin below. They fit a 60" round table.  

Silverware is not for sale but the napkins are!  I have 17 of these napkins left. 

A pretty trio of vases. 

I also have this gorgeous bowl available in the center.  

And a basket.  Perfect for Easter actually! 

Milk Glass Vases--$10 each
Hobnail Basket--$12
Milk Glass Bowl--$12
4 Thin Stripe Blue & White table cloths for a 60" Round table--$10 each
2 Wide Stripe Blue & White Tablecloths for a 60" Round table--$10 Each
17 Wide Stripe Blue & White Nabkins--$5 each or $50 for all of them

So if you're interested (how could you not be!?) email me aliciabdesigns (at) gmail (dot) com and we can set up some pay pal situation and make this happen!  I'll keep everything at this price until March 14th (my husband's birthday!) and after that the prices will go back to normal.  Get at it while it's hot!  Please email me for more info or if you have questions--if you buy a lot I can be flexible on price.  Also, if you're into STUFF like I am, see more at my Etsy Shop HERE

Alicia B. 

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