Sunday, June 16, 2013

Thad Hayes, I'm into you.

"Alicia--Wish you the best with school.  Designing is a very cool profession. Best--Thad" I have since finished school and am working for an awesome designer thank you very much!  

I met Thad Hayes at a joint event for Celerie Kemble at the D & D Building and ended up buying his book and getting it signed (I'm a huge sucker for a book signing).  I just decided to look at his portfolio just now on a whim and I'm OBSESSED.  

Isn't this stairway breathtaking?  The art is pushing it for me but the light and the angles of the stairway are beautiful. 

AMAZE.  The marble slabs for this bathroom are pure perfection. Also, love the light fixture. Anybody know where it's from? 

A neutral but graceful living room.  I'd love to have a curved window like that. 

Another amazing stairway.  I love the white walls and the white stairs.  

This is an entry way in a modern home in Watermill NY.  I'm noticing a lot of horizontal lines in Thad Hayes work.  

Ahhhh easy access to the outdoors through this great sitting room.  Check out that beautiful French mattress sofa. This is from the same home in Watermill. 

And we leave off on another great bathroom.  The shower curtains add a lot of softness to this bathroom.  
I think I'm just really attracted to the mix of traditional and modern in very clean modern spaces.  I don't think I could necessarily live in a space like that but they are quite lovely to look at.  I love that I checked in to see what he had been up to since I bought the book--AMAZE!

Alicia B. 

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