Monday, June 24, 2013

Williams Sonoma Home, You are my new jam.

You know when you shop at certain places because they are your classic great place to shop and then they come along and pull out all the stops and have amazing they things?  Well that was Williams Sonoma Home for me. I've always loved their things but 

A twist on a traditional shaped candle holder.  bleached wood amazingness.  

We love these as accessories where I work.  These badass votives come in white, celedon (above), and black. I have two white ones!  

Ugh I love woven baskets.  These are beautiful and make a great accessory for an entry table. 

Ahhhh objets on stands.  MY FAVE!

I have three horn jars and put my charcoal pencils in them on my desk. So pretty! 

Did I mention the throw pillows?  No, but they're awesome.  

I love love love a little metallic in my preppy little world.  Every girl has to have a little bling.  

Do you guys have a store that you rely on and then they surprise you by being more and more awesome?  This is what Williams Sonoma is for me. Kind of like when Bravo is amazing and then they come out with a show like Princesses Long Island...Better gets BEST!  

Alicia B. 

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