Monday, December 6, 2010

Branca-Perfect for the Holidays

Wondering what I was up to in Chicago last week? I know. I've been super busy (wedding planning!!) but I took time to visit the Branca store in Chicago which was absolutely incredible. I've wanted to see the store ever since it opened and now my dreams have come true! My mother and I braved the freezing cold weather and warmed up in the store.

This is the most beautiful fabric on the wall, is it not? (Don't say no.) On the lower floor of this three floor store in a townhouse, this was my favorite element. It made the store so warm and cozy, yet still incredibly elegant. What a great project too--plaid mats around some prints would really winterize your apartment!

This shot is for those of you that love foo dogs. I'm not a foo dog lover, I have to admit.

I love this eclectic cabinet with tons of Branca accessories and nothing gets my design heart (which is my real heart anyway) pumping like chicken wire in cabinets.

Horn and shell accessories are everywhere this season. I want all of it. Also I love this mushroom plate is astonishingly adorable.

Red is everywhere in this store and I love it! Horn and shell is everywhere but also feathers. Feather pillows, lampshades and wall decor.

Another feather pillow! Also I can't get enough plaid this season.

Plaid, exposed nail heads, a giant flower/feather pillow, fabric on the walls, and a cane backed chair. What more could you ask for?

The woman working there was incredibly enthusiastic and told us about a Carolyne Roehm party that they were hosting that week, which made me which I lived in Chicago (then I stepped outside and froze my face off). Anyway, I already have Alessandra Branca's book but would love just about anything from the store. You can now shop online which is AMAZING. Have any of you been to her store yet? Brave the cold and go for it!

Alicia B.

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Decor Arts Now said...

Drool over the fabric on the wall. Psyched u can shop online-didn't know that!