Friday, December 17, 2010

Time to wrap presents.

I LOVE to wrap presents every Christmas. I pride myself in being a great "wrapper" and love to come up with fun ways to wrap presents or use fun wrapping paper and ribbons. I'm usually asked by my dad to wrap his presents for my mother but in past years my job has been usurped. Here are some inspirational images of some GORGEOUS wrapping jobs.

Have extra doilies left over from Valentine's Day? Who doesn't. You can use them for your presents now. They sort of look like really beautiful very embellished snowflakes! From room remix blog.

This style of wrapping a gift with a piece of clothing (also a gift) has become very popular in the past few years. This is a super cute idea but then you're stuck buying 2 gifts. Up to you! From Shelter.

Martha. You're a genius. I love the one on the left with a little box wrapped over and over with a ribbon. Cut outs in wrapping paper are also a great idea. I have a few Martha Stewart cut outs that I might use this year.

There is almost nothing I love more than sparkles and sequins this season. Glittery gift wrap is RIGHT up my alley. Again, Genius Martha.

Do you have tons of high end wall paper sitting around like I do? (I really do) I used to work next to the Farrow and Ball showroom and have some discontinued remnants in my apartment. I could wrap some Christmas gift for my MOST special recipients (you're all special, don't get jealous) in this gorgeous wall paper. From designer Lynn Bryne's blog.

I love the simplicity of this. Sweet Paul's simple elegant and somewhat country aesthetic for this wrapping job is spot on. I think topping a gift with an little ornament is just darling.

I guess my next step is to actually buy my gifts! I've been SO SO busy and I had finals this past week so LAY OFF. These images are lovely but if you receive gifts from many different relatives and friends, you can't exactly control how they look underneath the tree. You can't very well re-wrap gifts so that they all look coordinated. Can you? Seriously, I can be OCD...can I?

Alicia B.


salma said...

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Decor Arts Now said...

Hi Alicia, thanks so much for the link!
Second, I am so glad somebody recognized that it is nigh impossible to achieve that coordinated wrap look u c in the glossies with presents from others coming in! I am wrapping the gifts from Larry and I in brown craft paper and a rainbow of satin ribbon, but the boys want to use the traditional paper. (at least they wrap!)
Third, I can't believe u haven't started your shopping! I would be flipping out if it were me. Mmm now who has OCD......
Xo, Lynn

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Jac said...

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