Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My Christmas Vaca in Pictures

I have become a picture taking addict. Some people find it annoying that I insist on documenting almost everything but they certainly thank me when they see the pictures afterward. I like to create a story in pictures sometimes, or catch people in a candid moment that can't be recreated.

I arrived home JUST in time on Christmas Eve to decorate the tree with my parents and younger sister! We were missing our older sister--she usually hangs this ornament!

This is our first ever Nativity scene; each figure hand carved from wood.

Beautifully (and realistically) wrapped presents which get sequentially handed out on Christmas morning. We don't like to break tradition.

Table Setting # 1: Christmas Eve with gorgeous raffia placemats, red table linens, and delicious tomato soup and some vino!

Tablescape #2: Christmas Dinner. I insisted on chargers and found these gorgeous red and gold ones that have barely been used in this house! Everyone had calligraphy name plates and a fun Christmas popper with toys and a tissue crown in it.

We...got some snow up here. Of course I took a ton of pictures of the fast falling snow because it was so beautiful. This tree is in our front yard.

After the blizzard let up (60 MPH winds!), it was time for clean up. Everyone up here must have a John Deere tractor, even non farmers.

Our wreath is beautiful all covered in snow.

And finally here I am shoveling snow, that, as you can see, is up to my fingertips! My father thought it was a good idea to document me shoveling snow because it was the first time it's ever happened! Harsh.

Now the hurdle of Christmas is over, sadly, but we must look forward to 2011! I have NO resolutions but a super positive attitude about the year ahead. What are your New Years Plans everyone? Do you have to work this week?

Alicia B.

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