Saturday, February 12, 2011

Crate & Barrel and West Elm are back in my good graces.

Let me define that: Crate & Barrel has never actually been in my good graces. I've always thought of Crate & Barrel as chunky dark wood furniture and primary colored fabrics (ick). They seem to be making a comeback with a softer look with great textiles and a little more style. As for West Elm I think they got caught up in the whole Parsons style everything and lost sight of...everything. Both companies are getting my attention lately--do you want to see why?

West Elm is now doing fabric by the yard. I love this print, the paisley, and a fun ikat that they're doing. Very pretty only $30 per yard.

I'm lukewarm on chalkboard paint--I think it's being over used. BUT, I love this desk lamp. You know I love color...and yellow, so this industrial task lamp is perfect for me!
This grey weathered wood is so hot right now. I approve of this Cucina Sideboard from Crate and Barrel. It has a nice wine rack in it and looks like it has actual character put into it.

I am looking to spruce up my bedding and duvet situation and this is pretty, yellow, and light feeling. Definitely on my list! From West Elm: Bazaar Duvet Cover.
A client of mine almost bought this chair: the Carly. I appreciate the grey wood and not dark wood used in this chair and the feminine fabric. Put a bird on it?

I don't know if I would use this in my apartment myself but I think the open but geometric feeling to it is wonderful. It doesn't have to be chunky to be geometric. This is the Display Coffee Table from West Elm.

As a traditionalist at heart, I love this Windsor Chair. It's a fun modern twist on a classic style chair. I wonder how comfortable this is. Good work West Elm!

Not that this is a competition (even though everything is...), I think West Elm is coming out on top. They're brought a ton of character to their line while Crate and Barrel is bringing in a little bit of a soft feminine flair although I think they need to commit to it much more. What do you all think?

Alicia B.


Robin said...

Ha! Thanks for the bird link! I've seen that print a few other places, but not in that colorway and I like it a lot. I agree C&B and WE appear to be putting more effort into their offerings, let's hope it lasts...

Naomi @ Design Manifest said...

Ooo my client just ordered the Carly chair in the yellow frame. I'm interested to see it in person.

So nice meeting you on Friday night!! Hope the reflected ceiling plan went well :)

Alicia B. Designs said...

Robin & Naomi--It was so awesome to meet both of you! I had such a blast. :) The RCP was a huge success--I get reallllly creative when I'm like that...


Raina Cox said...

One of Martha Stewart's top dogs just left for West Elm. I wonder what that may mean?